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Do I need to be in good shape to start going to Muay Thai?

No, we have no requirements on new members other than them being willing to push themselves to their physical limits, the physical fitness needed for Muay Thai will come with time once you're willing to work hard.

What equipment do I need to start training?

At first, you can try the club with nothing more than shorts and a TShirt. Later on, you'll need gloves and hand wraps at the very least.

Can girls do Muay Thai?

Of course, we have several girls who regularly train with us and greatly enjoy the sessions. If you're having doubts about trying Muay Thai, feel free to come down and watch or chat to one of the coaches.

Do I have to fight/spar?

No, fighting and sparring is only for those interested in it. If you don't want to take part, there's always other stuff you can do. In fact, we have some very skilled members who have no interest in fighting.

How often do you have socials?

We have a truly epic social every few weeks, you can have a look to see when our next social is on here.

Is it ok if I don't come to all the sessions?

You can come to as many, or as few, sessions as you like. It's up to you how much of a committment you would like to make.

Can I still train if I have asthma/an injury/etc.?

Of course, just make sure you tell one of the coaches so that we know to let you rest if you need it. However, certain injuries will, of course, prevent you from training and we will ask you to sit out for a session if we think you are putting yourself in harm's way by training.

How can I contact the club?

You can email the club at

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