Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing, is widely regarded as the most devastatingly effective striking martial art on the planet. Consequently, it has emerged as the de facto standard for striking in various mixed martial arts competitions, such as the UFC. It is this simple effectiveness that has led to Muay Thai's growing popularity in recent years.

In order to craft their bodies into human weapons, practitioners of Muay Thai fighters work hard to maximise their level of physical conditioning, training themselves to perform in the most demanding of situations while maintaining their ability to strike with power and precision.

Whether you're interested in having some fun while getting into great shape, learning to defend yourself or becoming a lean mean fighting machine, SUMT is the ideal place for you to do it. Our sessions are designed to both teach you the techniques you need to excel in this discipline and ensure that your body is capable of performing even in the most demanding of circumstances.

We use a diverse range of drills and exercises during our sessions, from technical drills and padwork to gruelling circuits and, if you're up for it, sparring.

No level of physical fitness is expected or required to join the club, all that we ask is that you're willing to push yourself to your limits. From there, it's just a matter of time until your body is in peak condition.

Come along and give it a try - the first session is free!

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